Our family used to do a lot together on Friday nights. They were our “Family Nights” and we made them sacred and untouchable to the busy-ness of life. We’d haul mattresses out of the bedrooms and set them up in the family room along with stuffed animals, blankets and everything that mattered to any of us. No phones. No iPads. Nothing but a good movie, and the each others’ company.

As time marched on we all got busier. Kids got phones. iPads became family members. Sports started and life just encroached on what was once cherished time. Between the rush rush and the lure of digital devices, evenings at home lost that “family feel.

In an effort to get some of that mojo back, we decided to institute a “no devices” rule for our Sunday nights. We figured it’d be a good way for the kids (and adults) to ease into the week’s hustle and bustle and for us to reclaim some of that family time of year’s past. We do our best unplug everything at 5PM save for the TV to spin a movie for the evening. We even manage to break out a few board games (recommended by our chums at from time to time. In our house we call it, Analog Sunday and it’s something we’d like to share with the EGAC Swim Family.

Unplug. Unwind. Reconnect with your family old school.


-Phuong Nguyen