Developing Swimmers

Hi Gator Fam,

Ever wonder why your kids practice as many times as they do, for however many hours they practice for?  Here is a great resource that is one of the roots of our training program @EGAC. Swim development is a marathon, not a sprint. Done properly it takes into account both physical and mental development of each swimmer and keeps long term gain, not short-term gain, as the focus,. If you have  additional questions about this progression chart or where your swimmer(s) fit on it, please consult with your swimmer’s coach. He/she will give you valuable insight.

** Taken from Developing Swimmers by Michael Brooks


8-Year Old and Under

  • Teach a love of Swimming
  • Teach all four strokes, starts and turns
  • Help them become swimmers

9- and 10-Year Olds

  • Keep them happy
  • Teach team culture
  • Emphasize skill development as the primary focus of training
  • Emphasize aerobic development as the secondary focus of training
  • Coached may need to increase aerobic work for many of the girls to take advantage of their earlier critical period for aerobic development
  • Target certain events
  • With dryland work, emphasize coordination, flexibility, core strength and quickness
  • Continue teaching them to be swimmers

11- to 14-Year Olds

  • Place greater emphasis on team culture and swimmers’ responsibilities
  • Focus on aerobic development
  • Target certain events for training
  • Continue technical improvements
  • Emphasize connection between training and racing
  • Continue with general dryland training
  • Account for gender and individual differences in maturation and development

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