Do volunteer hours carry over?

No. Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 1 hour per month.  In addition, each family is required to volunteer 1 shift per day at the home meet.

I timed 1 hour at a meet last week, does it count towards my volunteer hour commitment?


My child didn't attend any swim meets last month and so I didn't volunteer. Will I be billed for last month?

Yes.  You will be billed $50/hr/month for the missed volunteer hour commitment.  The bill will be sent at the end of each quarter.  There are other volunteer opportunities available that are not meet specific which will fulfill the volunteer commitment.

If my swimmer is attending both days of a meet, why do I have to sign-up to time on both days?

EGAC depends on its families to promote unity, and to enable the success of our swimmers.  For meets to run smoothly, timers are required from each team.  Depending on the number of swimmers attending, each team is required to provide adequate numbers of timers for each day of the meet.  Missing timers will delay the meet.  Please sign up to time if your swimmer is participating on each day of the meet. For example, if your swimmer swims an event on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a family member or representative for the family, must sign-up and complete a shift for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I attend the meets by myself. How do I time?

Please bring a friend, a family member, or a representative that can time for you. Your swimmers can always come by and check in with you at the timing chairs! 

I sent my swimmer with another family. Do I still need to time?

Yes.  Please have the representative for your family (in this case, the family taking your swimmer) time for you.  In addition, that family will also need to meet their timing commitments. For example: The Flintstones send their child to the meet with the Jetsons.  The Jetsons are required to time for each day their child swims at the meet and if the Jetsons are the Flintstones' representative, the Jetsons need to sign-up to time for the Flintstones also.  Therefore, the Jetsons will be timing a minimum of two sessions for each day of the meet. 

I brought food for the coaches last week. They were well fed. Can that count towards the volunteer hour?

Thank you for feeding our coaches.  We want to make sure our coaches are healthy and content.  To answer your question though, no, it does not count towards your volunteer hours. Karma points for you though! 

Who do I contact for volunteer hours?

Please contact volunteer@egacgators.com . We can provide a status of your family's volunteer hours total.