Green Group Practice Rules

After some thought and deliberation, the men’s and women’s locker rooms will open to the Green Group kids starting tonight under the following conditions:

  • NO Green Groupers will be allowed in the locker rooms without a parent or a designated adult supervising them.
  • Boys are only allowed in the boy’s locker room. Girls are only allowed in the girl’s locker room. If the parent is of the opposite gender of the child they are bringing to practice, ask another parent of appropriate gender to accompany your child or take them straight home.
  • Green Group kids MUST be accompanied by a parent during practices. Parents must wait in the bleacher area or the area outside the pool offices and stay off the pool deck unless called by the coach. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.
  • To respect the CRC college team practice going on before ours, Green Group (and other group) swimmers must wait in the bleacher area before practices begin. Swimmers MAY NOT congregate in the area in front of the pool offices.