Group Modification Rubric

Practice Group Assignments

The assignment of the Swimmer(s) to a group is the the decision of the coaching staff, based on three overarching criteria.

  1. Grade level
  2. Age
  3. Ability and maturity.  


Practice group changes will be made at the completion of the season year. In rare instances, an assignment may be modified during the swim year if the coaching staff believes a different group would be more beneficial for the Swimmer. The coach’s decision is final.


Group Modification rubric

In certain instances, modifications to a swimmer’s placement may  be made. We use the rubric below in combination with the swimmer’s grade level, age, ability and maturity to judge if he/she are ready for the challenge of the next group and to be sure that they will excel when they begin practicing with the new group.

THIS MOVE UP RUBRIC WILL ONLY APPLY TO WHITE, BLUE, AND RED GROUP. There will be no considerations for kids moving from Red to Black. A swimmer may not move up more than 1 group per year. The final consideration will be based on the coaches concessis.


If you have any further questions please feel to contact Coach Eddie by email.


Each of the 6 categories is weighted equally.

A swimmer must earn a minimum of 16 pts to be considered for moving up.Below Average/ BeginnerAverage/ IntermediateGood/AdvancedExcellent
0 pts

Swimmer performs below minimum expectation of requirements.

1 pts

Swimmer meets minimum expectation of requirements.

2 pts

Swimmer exceeds expectation and requirements.

3 pts

Swimmer exceeds expectations and requirements at an exemplary level.

ParticipationBelow AverageAverageGoodExcellent
Rarely stays on task. Coach regularly reminds this person what they should be doing. Not a team player. Regularly chooses not to help others.Stays on task some of the time. Coach sometimes reminds them about what they should be doing. Active team member and sometimes helps others.Stays on task most of the time. Coach can count on this person. Strong team member who completes sets and often assists others.Stays on task all of the time without reminders. Exemplary team member who works hard and helps others.
Work EthicBelow AverageAverageGoodExcellent
Does not perform most assigned sets or drills in practice. Rarely takes initiative.Performs most assigned sets or drills in practice Sometimes takes initiative.Performs nearly all assigned sets or drills in practice. Always performs the assignments satisfactorily. Often takes initiative.Performs all assigned sets or drills in practice. Always completed the assignment beyond expectations. Consistently takes initiative.
Interpersonal SkillsBelow AverageAverageGoodExcellent


Has poor attitude toward others and workload. Does not listen with respect, argues with coach, and does not consider other ideas. Has problems meeting people easily and graciously. Has difficulty utilizing suggestions for improvement.Often has a positive attitude toward others and workload. Generally listens with respect and asks questions. Typically, meets people easily and graciously. Attempts to welcome and utilizes suggestions for improvement.Almost always has a positive attitude toward others and workload. Usually respectfully listens, discusses and asks questions. More often than not, meets people easily and graciously. Often welcomes and utilizes suggestions for improvement.Has a positive attitude toward others and workload. Respectfully listens, discusses, asks questions and helps in solving problems. Meets people easily and graciously. Welcomes and utilizes suggestions for improvement.
Swimming AchievementBeginnerIntermediateAdvancedExcellent
Average of B or Lower TimesAverage of BB TimesAverage of AA timesAverage of AAA+ times
Strong Attendance RecordBelow AverageAverageGoodExcellent
Often absent from practice. Frequently late. Does not regularly attend meets. Does not attend recommended number of meets.Meets practice attendance recommendations and or requirements. Sometimes attends recommended meets.Meets and often exceeds attendance recommendations and requirements. Attends almost all meets on schedule.Almost never misses practice. Attends all meets on schedule.
LeadershipBelow AverageAverageGoodExcellent
Never leads lane when appropriate. Never lets others lead lane when appropriate. Makes negative or discouraging comments to coach and/or teammates.Sometimes leads lane when appropriate. Sometimes allows others to lead when appropriate. Doesn’t make negative or positive comments to coach and/or teammates.Often leads lane when appropriate. Often lets others lead when appropriate. Sometimes makes positive comments and never makes negative comments to coach and/or teammates.Almost always leads lane when appropriate. Almost always lets others lead lane when appropriate. Makes positive comments to coach and/or teammates regularly each practice. Never makes negative comments.