We are a USA Swimming Team supporting competitive swimmers in sunny Elk Grove, CA. Elk Grove Aquatics Club has been providing a positive experience for swimmers of all ages for almost 30 years. We just relocated to the new Elk Grove Aquatics Complex (The EGAC), an Olympic size 50 meter pool here in town. It’s a beautiful facility and it was built just for teams just like ours.

We’re collecting donations to help us continue building a world class swim team. A place where young athletes can spark their love for swimming and fan it into an Olympic flame. A place where someone afraid of the water can overcome that fear and test it in the crucible of competition. A place where groups of kids from different backgrounds can build a strong foundation surrounded by the strength of team and family. Elk Grove Aquatics Club develops character athletes. This is the Gator Way. Our Way.

Every donation helps. No donation is too small. Our need is great and the pool is deep and wide, we hope you can help us add just a drop or maybe even a bucket of water to it. Thank you for considering our donation request. We are a federally certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your donation is fully tax deductible.

Have any questions? Please contact the Elk Grove Aquatics Club Board of Directors by e-mail at neversettle@egacgators.com.


We’re partnering with our friends at crowdrise.com to give you the tools you need to share the event with family and friends the world over! Click on the link below to join the campaign so we can track your donations and help spread the word.


Here’s how to create your own fundraising team for your swimmer!

  1. Navigate to the Crowdrise page by clicking on the link above
  2. there you can see how far we are along our fundraising goal of $20,000. Always fun to see that number rise!
  3. Click on the “Join” button to start creating your team!
  4. On the next screen click on the option to the right labeled, “Create Your Own Team”
  5. If you don’t have a Crowdrise account already, you have to create one. If you have one already, just login!
  6. Once you’re logged in, you can can fill out your team’s information on the next screen. Team Name, Team Goal ($300 per swimmer or $400 per family) and write a short paragraph about your swimmer to help you get the donations!
  7. Once you’re done, click on the Next Button.
  8. Now you can upload a photo for your team fundraising page. You can skip if you want, but a photo always helps bring in the donations!
  9. You’re GOOD to GO! Click on the “Go to Your Campaign” button and see the fruits of your labor. Share early and share often!
  10. Good luck!


Here are some downloadable tools to help you fundraise!

Sponsorship Collection Form

Tax deduction receipts

Downloadable Donation Letter