Why let the kids have all the fun! We’re opening the pool for the grown ups with our Later Gators USA Masters Swimming Program. Here are the details…


  • Matt Frediani
  • Kim Standal
  • Nolan Rogers
  • Irene Nakaoka – USMS Certified Coach Level 1/2 and ALTS Instructor Certified

Practice Schedule:
M-F 7:15-8:15 PM @TheEGAC


  • Registration fee is $25 and includes a swanky Later Gator shirt and Swim Cap.
  • Monthly fees are
    • $45 for EGAC members
    • $70 for non-members
  • LaterBites pre-paid practice cards are available for $35/5 practices and $100/15 practices. USA Masters and Later Gators Registration required.
  • Drop-in practices are available for $10/practice. No Later Gator Registration is required, but must be registered with USA Masters.
  • USA Masters membership is required FOR ALL options at $56/year

Register for a US Masters Membership
Each Later Gator must first be registered with US Masters Swimming. It’s a yearly $56 membership and you’ll need that ID number to register for Later Gators. Here is the link:

Here’s a Tutorial for you just in case the US Masters site is giving you troubles.

Click the link below to go to our team registration page and do the thing!