Matt Casto Memorial Swim Meet

Meet sheet

Date: December 4-5, 2021

Meet Location:

Elk Grove Aquatics Center
9701 Big Horn Blvd
Elk Grove, Ca 95758

Parking Info:

Free parking in the Big Horn parking lot. Do not park in the Civic Center Drive parking lot. Do NOT park  in the red zones. White loading zones require a driver to stay in the vehicle and are for active loading and unloading  only.

Facility/Tent Setup:

All canopies must be secured with water buckets during the meet and must be taken down at the conclusion of their session. Tarps can be used under the canopies during the meet and must be removed from the grass at the conclusion of  their session. Please do not leave any valuables at the facility overnight. 

Please follow the signage on where to set up canopies.