EGAC Families,

As we head into uncertain times over the next weeks, it’s going to be important we keep level heads, support each other, and stay positive.

So much information is always being thrown at us, so do your own reasearch, listen to opposing (educated) ideas/opinions, and look for facts; don’t just look for information that back up your current beliefs, and definitely don’t believe everything you hear/read.

We don’t know how bad, or mellow, the near future is going to be, or how long this is going to last. In anyway you can, support your friends, your family, your neighbors and strangers. Everyones situation is different, some families will be effected by the change in our day to day more than others, and a small gesture could go a long way with someone going through difficult times.

Stay positive during this time away from the pool. I know it may seem like your hard work these past months have been for nothing, or that you’re being robbed of your season. While this is a hiccup in our season plans, this by no means negates the hard work you’ve put in, or the growth I’ve seen you all make mentally. Nothing can take that from you. You should all walk taller, with your heads held higher.

I’ve watched you all do amazing things in practice you’ve never done, accomplish things at meets you never thought possible, and watch you all support each other along the way. I could not be more proud of you all. Take this time to miss the pool, miss your teammates, evaluate your season up to this point, and think about what you want to improve when we get to return. Sometimes something needs to get taken away for us to realize how much we love it. I know we will return more focused, more motivated, and a stronger team than ever.

I am working on possible other options for us to be in the water, but until then, take advantage of this time off to take care of yourself, and spend time with your family.


– Coach Nolan