New to USA Swimming

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pre-Comp 7:15PM - 8:15PM 7:15PM - 8:15PM 7:15PM - 8:15PM 7:15PM - 8:15PM No Practice No Practice


  • 60 daily (Monday to Thursday)
  • No daily yardage parameters/instructional curriculum

Basic Goals

  • Introduction to USA Swimming and TEAM/Group training environment
  • Interest/Fun/Games
  • Learn Concept of body position
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Learn Streamlining
  • Begin foundation for all 4 strokes
  • Develop kick
  • Learn workout habits

Group Goals

  • Streamline concept
  • Underwater kicking
  • Breath control
  • Names of drills
  • Basic swim rules
  • Proper workout behavior
  • Understanding of basic stroke mechanics

Equipment    (Athlete must have all equipment with them at practice each day)

  • Kickboard
  • Fins
  • Mesh Equipment Bag