Red Group

7th – 8th grades



  • 90 min daily 4-5,000 Short Course Meters
  • 8 offered practices a week
  • Morning workouts for 8th graders is recommended/optional for 7th graders

Basic Goals

  • Advance aerobic training and build up to advance anaerobic training
  • Emphasis on 200’s of stroke/400 IM, 500 free +
  • Refine race tactics
  • Importance of Dryland training
  • Introduce stroke tempo
  • Train all 4 strokes
  • Train strong kick

Group Goals

  • Understanding of nutrition
  • Understanding Heart Rate
  • Goal Setting Long and Short term
  • Understand growth and maturation
  • Time Management
  • Master Drills and proper technique
  • Training ethic and attitude
  • Use positive self-talk and affirmation
  • TEAM and GROUP Unity

Most of this can be purchased at our online store ( This will give the team a percentage back that will be put towards equipment for the team later. Please do your best to have this all by the first week, preferably the first day. After week one, the swimmers will be excused from practice if they do not have the equipment we are using that day.

  • Snorkel (does not have to be the one on the website, but should be speedo, Arena, or Finis)
  • Stroke maker paddles (most of the group should use the light blue).
  • Fins (purchase by shoes size)
  • Pull Buoy
  • Kickboard
  • Drag Sox – resistance level 30 (®-p98955016)
  • Speed Jump Rope (
  • 3/4 inch Nylon Heavy Jump Rope (can go to most hardware stores and ask them to cut it. For size, stand on the rope, and both hands should reach your armpits. Once you get home you can tape the ends for handles)
  • Finis Tempo Pacer
  • Mesh bag to put all your equipment in