Summer Meet Schedule

With the facility beginning to open back up, we won’t be able to host any meets this summer, other than the Bill Rose Classic, due to CSD trying to earn back as much revenue as possible. Our summer meet schedule will be fluid as I keep trying to find meets to attend.

As of right now, this is what we’re looking at:

June 11-13 = Summer Sanders (qualifiers only)

June 18 = NSS dual meet at Wackford (green, white, and blue group)

June 19 = NSS dual meet at bear river high school (green, white, and blue group)

June 25 = NSS dual meet at wackford (red and black)

June 26 = NSS dual meet at bear river high school (red and black)

June 25/26 = Tri meet with WAC and Woodland at Woodland (*this is tentative) (green, white, and blue group)

July 15-18 = Bill Rose Classic (qualifiers)

We will need all hands on deck for the Bill Rose Classic as we are the host team. We’re still discussing what capacity this can be ran at, but will most likely be co hosting with the Sierra Marlins. As we get details flushed out with Sierra Nevada Swimming I’ll send it out.

– Coach Nolan