Team info

Elk Grove Aquatics Club has been providing a positive experience for swimmers of all ages for over 20 years. We have a team of highly trained coaches working with our Head Coach to help each swimmer reach his or her full potential. Our home pool is The Elk Grove Aquatics Center with a secondary site at Cosumnes River College. We are a year-round, competitive league in the Sierra Nevada Local Swim Commitee (LSC) of USA Swimming. This means that each swimmer and family has access to a wide range of resources from both a local team and a national swimming organization.

At EGAC we believe that the sport of swimming should be both physically challenging and fun. There are two elements involved in the physical mastery of swimming: technique and conditioning. In our program we seek to provide both of these elements in the proper balance for each individual. While some swimmers will improve more with technical instruction, others will excel through hard work. Our coaches tailor their instruction based on individual levels of technical mastery and physical conditioning and seek to improve both.

We also know that honing skills and improving conditioning are very hard work. So at EGAC we strive to have fun, both in the carefree sense and in regards to achieving goals. This is accomplished through annual activities like a camp-out meet and through regular practice work like creative drills and training games.

We hope this approach will provide each individual with a fun and rewarding experience!

Our Vision
Elk Grove Aquatics Club develops character athletes. We follow a philosophy that teaches our athletes to get something out of every situation, rather than complaining. To be prepared, rather that just to show up and call themselves a swimmer. To be consistent, rather than occasional. To be early, rather than just on time. To do more rather than just enough. To be mentally tough, rather than mentally lazy or intimidated. To think about solutions, rather than worry about the problems. To concentrate on what to do, rather than what may happen. To be assertive, rather than passive—or submissive. To confront adversity, rather than denying it or running from it. To recognize that adversity is part of swimming—and life—rather than magnifying the adverse situation and seeking sympathy. To share with others, rather than be selfish. To think and act positively, rather than negatively. To be energetic, rather than complacent. To seek knowledge, rather than assume. To take responsibility, rather than seek refuge in excuses. This is the Gator Way. Our Way.

Our Mission
Elk Grove Aquatics Club is committed to providing a program that helps every swimmer reach their full potential, as a swimmer and a member of the community in a safe and welcoming environment. By putting a strong emphasis on individual progress, team unity and family participation we develop character athletes with skills that can be applied to all facets of life. Swimmer’s early development focuses on improving technique and building an appreciation for the sport of swimming. As the swimmer advances in their swimming career, a stronger emphasis will be placed on broader training that builds on their strengths, nurtures their weaknesses, and can lead to the highest levels of United States Swimming. We measure success not only by national rankings and college scholarships, but also by personal improvement. We are committed to excellence and dedicated to developing world class citizens and world class athletes. We develop camaraderie, self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle that will follow them through-out their lives.

Our Affiliations

USA Swimming
USA Swimming is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States from beginners to the Olympic level. All EGAC swimmers must become members of USA swimming in order to participate in practices and meets. USA swimming has administrative oversight for the entire nation, which is divided into 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSCs). Generally a single LSC governs a single state, but some states have more than one LSC due to their size. USA Swimming is a non-profit organization funded through dues collected from individual swimmers and teams, grants from the United States Olympic Committee, corporate sponsorship, and income earned from events, promotions and merchandise. Meets are sanctioned by USA Swimming through our LSC, Sierra Nevada Swimming, Inc., so that the meets are run according to standardized procedures and the swimmer’s times will count for State, Sectional, Zone and National quaification. USA Swimming is responsible for selecting the athletes that will represent the United States in all international competitions.

Additional Information on USA SWIMMING.

Sierra Nevada Swimming, Inc. (SNS)
SNS is a non-profit corporation and the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) to which EGAC belongs. SNS has local jurisdiction for USA Swimming within the counties of Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama, Lassen, Plumas, Glenn, Butte, Sierra, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Nevada, Placer, Yolo, Amador, and the portions of: El Dorado County west of Highway 89; Stanislaus and Calaveras Counties north of Highway 4; San Joaquin County north and east of Highway 4, Highway 99, Eight Mile Road, Interstate 5 and Highway 12, excluding the City of Stockton; Sacramento County north of Highway 12; and Solano County north of Highway 12, including the communities of Fairfield, Suisun City and Rio Vista, and excluding the communities of Benicia and Vallejo; and the Nevada Counties of Humboldt, Mineral, Churchill, Pershing and Lander, and the portion of Washoe County lying north of the northerly boundary of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. SNS is a volunteer-run organization with its own set of by-laws and a separate House of Delegates responsible for managing the business affairs of SNS. Representatives to the House of Delegates are composed of athletes, coaches, members of the Board of Directors, and club members. Besides assuring that meets are run according to USA Swimming and SNS protocols, SNS provides training to parent volunteers through its clinics program. SNS holds state championship meets at the conclusion of the short and long course seasons and sponsors teams to swim at the Western Zone Championships.