Welcome to our GatorFam

EGAC Families,

I’m proud to announce two new coaches to our Gator family, Matt Frediani and Kim Standal!

I had the pleasure of coaching Matt when he made the switch from rec to USA Swimming when he decided to start swimming for EGAC; he was the hardest working kid in the pool, and he got others to work hard around him. As a coach he will do the same. His enthusiasm for coaching, and his genuine interest in learning more about our sport has me excited to bring him on deck. He will be a great addition to EGAC. If you see him around deck, welcome him (back) to the EGAC family.

I had the opportunity to coach Kim at Sac City college for two years. She is one of the most detailed oriented people I have ever met in my life. Kim is the only swimmer I’ve had that asked me for more information about her races than I actually had. The first question she usually asks me when I see her now is, “Do you have any good sets?”. She has many years of coaching experience between rec, high school, and masters. She helped coach Oak Ridge High Schools mens team to a state championship this last season.

I’m beyond excited to bring on Matt and Kim to help our team grow and thrive, and even more excited share the pool deck with them on a daily basis. Matt Frediani will begin shadowing starting this week, and Kim Standal will be shadowing starting next week. If you see them around, make them feel welcome.

Thank you,
Coach Nolan