Welcome to Our GatorFam!

Here we are at the beginning of a new swim year and with that comes lots of new families! We thought it would be helpful to collect some resources  for folks new to the team and to the sport! Follow the links below to get your Gator on! We’ll be holding monthly Q&As with members of our Board of Directors on the first Wednesday of every month in case you have any other questions! You can always email us at neversettle@egacgators.com as well.

Links to 2019-2020 Team Calendars

Registering For USA Swimming

Registering For USA Swim Meets

The Magic of Meet Mobile

A great tool for keeping track of your swimmer’s progress at meets is called Meet Mobile. It’s a phone app offered by active.com and available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It allows you to search for supported meets and get (near) real-time updates on heats, lanes and official times of your swimmer! Yearly subscriptions are available for $10.

Additional Info & Resources

A collection of articles and videos created by EGAC to help ease you into the sport of swimming.