Our Coaches

We couldn't be more stoked about our coaching staff here at EGAC. With decades of collective coaching experience our coaches have a mad passion for bring up swimmers who love the sport. Focusing on technique and benefits that go beyond the race at hand and to a lifetime of love for the sport.

Coaches Code of Ethics
As Coaches - We will:
  • Make the best interests of the children in the program the priority in my heart and mind. Maintain the delicate state of balance between what is best for the individual (the swimmer) and the needs of the group (the team).
  • Communicate honestly, openly, and in a mature manner and to be approachable and receptive to parents’ and swimmers’ reasonable concerns.
  • Acknowledge my frailties, imperfections, and my humanity, and within those constraints, pledge to strive to be consistent and fair in my dealings with team members and to treat each swimmer according to his/her needs.